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Yellow Gram

Desi Chickpeas suppliers in Mumbai

Yellow Gram / Desi Chick Peas also Know as Kala Chana, Bengal Gram, Gram, Chana, Pis Chiche, or Chihu.

Desi Chickpeas are a light to dark brown colour. They are in the 6 to 7mm range, with a thick seed coat. About 80% of the Desi Chickpeas produced are split in half to make Chana Dahl, and 80% of this split form are ground into a flour called Besan.

Smaller seeded, dark brown angular chickpea (6-7mm) with a thickish seed coat. Seeds have a high fibre content. Used for split pea, Chana dahl or Besan flour, after the hulls are removed. Delicious when eaten fresh from the garden! Also Know as: Kala Chana, Bengal Gram, Gram, Chana, Pois Chiche.