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“It's not a simple company profile; it's a family legend of best quality in right time with professional services.”

Established in 1933, Lalji Hirji & Sons is carrying on business activities as a producer, exporter and importer. The company "M/S LALJI HIRJI & SONS" was founded by MR. HIRJI GHELLABHAI NANDU in the name of his son MR. LALJI NANDU. In 1971, Mr. Lalji was joined by his eldest son MR. SHANTILAL NANDU. Like his adults, Mr. Shantilal too was committed to turn family's tradition of supply of best quality into a legend. The company started expanding vigorously.

This successful growth of business demanded the involvement of family's youngest son, MR. NAVINCHANDRA NANDU and eldest grandson MR. HEMAN SHANTILAL NANDU.

Their commitment to best quality in right time with professional services was highly appreciated by wholesale dealers all over the state and their clientele started getting bigger very quickly. Together, their professionalism commitment to deliver the best brought them good fortune and soon they became one of the major suppliers of various pulses in India.

They also started importing from the Myanmar, Canada, Australia, America and Africa by early 2000.

Family believes it actually reflects the nature of their clean and pure business.