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Navinchandra Nandu is the Managing Director of Lalji Hirji & Sons. He joined the company in the year 1982 under the leadership of his father Mr. Lalji Nandu.

Mr. Nandu has been using quantitative models to trade global futures markets for over 25 years. He began trading while attending first year of college. He is responsible for financial oversight, trading strategy, acquisitions and expansion.

He was in MCX advisory committee. He served as the secretary of Grain Rice and Oilseeds Merchants Association (GROMA) in the year “1999-2003”.


Heman Nandu holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. Heman joined the company in 1992 as Managing Director. He looks after trading and easy working of the company.

He is respected & valued for his commitment, dedication and ability to quickly offer solutions to new challenges. He is married and has two children.

His understanding of business has been phenomenal in evolving growth strategies and significantly contributed to implantation of the company’s expansion and diversification in global business.